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Welcome to Nicelquid New Zealand

Niceliquid.co.nz is a site where Australian customers can buy Nicotine e-liquid for their personal use. In Australia the law states that it is legal to source up to a 3 month supply. Its a pain in the back side but you can't buy e-juice from Aussie e cigarettes suppliers so you have to buy it from overseas. Our products are shipped from Europe to your door.

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Niceliquid is excited to deliver our clients the very best grade e-juice on the planet , we now have a permanently growing selection that will be refreshed on a regular basis, so it is certainly worthwhile returning every couple of weeks and see which brand new flavours of e-liquid are produced.

The most important significant difference with this e juice is its produced in Europe using the best all-natural and healthy supplements in the marketplace, it is additionally pharmaceutically verified in compliance to European standards and U.S standards. We provide a hyperlink on the top menu that you ought to click to see the E-juice official certification documents.

The e-juice is additionally entirely free of genetically modified organisms, free of allergens, and never tested on animals. The formula is 80% propylene glycol and 20% vegetable glycerine.

The way in which we can give you the best price is by selling packs of 5x 10ml bottles as smaller amount than this causes the delivery costly as its brought in from The European union, we provide new and exciting flavours like beverages, tobacco flavour, candy, menthols and also fruits.

Delivery service is about 8 to 12 work days to the buyers home, we provide the lowest price for nicotine e juice and in addition impressive delivery prices to both Australian and New Zealand clients. 

Shopper have to be 18+ to order our e liquids and accept to the terms and conditions of the website to go ahead with orders.

Laws in New Zealand and Australia concerning nicotine is essentially personal importing is acceptable so long as its not greater than a 3 calendar month supply, the quantity would probably vary based on the person, for no reason we don't permit in excess of 20 10ml bottles for every order and suggest customers do not overdo any purchases as buyers might have customs seize the goods should you decide to import large quantities in one instance. 

Additionally be sure to manage and store e-liquid that contains nicotine with proper care far away from children, kids and Animals. We suggest buying a safe to extend the shelf-life and also for security, you acquire small safe from hardware stores for around.